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Boyup Brook Co-operative ~ 1919 - 2018

In association with Landmark, Makit Hardware, WFI, Kleenheat Gas and CSBP the Co-op offers a very broad selection of items for the farm, large or small, the home, the garden and the car.  From tools to televisions, fridges to fertilizer and jeans to generators. It’s all there, on the shelf or readily ordered for you.

The Co-op provides agronomy services to its members, is an agent for WFI and is a base for Landmark wool and sheep representatives.

In the true spirit of the co-operative movement, the Boyup Brook Co-operative returns, each year, a large percentage of its profit to loyal members as a trading bonus.  It also supports the schools and the voluntary services of the district as well as a variety of sporting and other activities, all of  which maintain the life and vitality of the Boyup Brook community.


When the Co-op started in 1919 by a group of farmers of the district there was no general store in the shire. There were few cars and roads were unpaved. To get groceries and other supplies residents had to travel by horse or buggy to Bridgetown or take the bone shaking five hour trip to Bunbury by train.

The Co-op, at that time located where IGA now stands, supplied much that was needed by the settlers of the district, from kerosene to cake tins, from saddles to soap, from fence wire to finery, from wool bales to wool blankets and from dish cloths to dynamite.

In 1988 the Co-op divided its business into a grocery division and a hardware and rural products division. A new building was erected for the grocery division and it was leased to an independent operator. It is now the IGA store.

In 2002 a new building was opened for the hardware and rural products division and this has proved highly successful, with business growing and the range of goods available expanding.

Today the modern Co-op and its leased offshoot, the IGA store, still provide the residents of the shire with a vast array of goods and services and are an essential part of life for the people of the Boyup Brook Shire.

Your Co-op was started in 1919 to meet a need. In 2018 it still does.

Did you know?

That the Boyup Brook Co-op gives a Trading Rebate to its regular shareholder customers every year. In 2017 we gave back $360,735 and over the past 15 years we have given back a total of $3,527,187 to the community.